• Phoenix Acrylic Modeling Paste (500ml)


    Material:                             Paste

    Type:                                   Acrylic Modeling

    Item Volume:                      1000 Milliliter 

    Brand:                                Mont Marte

    About this item

    Our Modeling Paste is the ally of volumes. Thanks to this auxiliary, the artist will be able to achieve effects and thicknesses that will add character and charisma to his work.

    Composed of an emulsion of synthetic acrylate resins, thickening agents and titanium dioxide.

    Thick textured opaque paste for creating volume and layering. It can be applied with a spatula and mixed with wet texture paint or different mediums. Dries in a few hours depending on the thickness of the layer. It maintains the volume perfectly and does not crack after drying. It has a matte finish.

    Waterproof, do not yellow

  • MONT MARTE-Mont Marte Modelling Paste -500ml

    Material:                             Paste

    Type:                                   Modelling Paste

    Item Volume:                      500 Milliliter 

    Brand:                                Winsor & Newton

    About this item

    • Depth of texture can be built up by adding layers once paste is dry.
    • Modelling paste dries white and may be over-painted with acrylic or oil paint.
    • Small objects may also be embedded into the paste for other 3D effects.
    • Great when applied with Mont Marte Palette Knives.
    • Clean up with water.

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