• General’s 557S-ABP Charcoal Pencil Set



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    Code:                                  557S-ABP

    Material:                             Charcoal 

    Colors                                 6B-4B-2B

    Set of:                                 3 Pcs.

    Brand:                                 General’s Charcoal 

    About this item∴
    • This set contains four charcoal pencils in three different degrees (6B, 4B, 2B) plus a Charcoal White pencil.
    • General’s extra-smooth artist quality charcoal pencils can be used to achieve intense blacks and to create beautiful blended sketches.
    • General’s Charcoal White can be used to highlight black charcoal drawings, or can be used alone on dark papers for a unique look.
    • The bonus sharpener is designed with the artist in mind and has a special steel blade angled to restore softer pencils, such as charcoal, to a factory-sharp point.

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