Funbo Art Stretched 3D Canvas 380gms ( 20 x 20 cm)


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Size:                                     20 X 20 Centimeters 

Frame:                                 1.0″ Inch

Color:                                  White

Box:                                     Single

Brand:                                 Funbo

Material:                             Cotton

Paint Type:                         Acrylic

Shape:                                3D Stretched

About this item

    • Made of 100% cotton, this stretched canvas is ideal for any painter to paint & draw on
    • Gives a smooth result of the painting with its tripled primed surface
    • With 380gm thickness of the sheet, you can blend your colors well on this canvas
    • Goes well with oil paints, acrylic paints, poster paints and more

Item No.

Canvas Type


FO-115001010 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 10X10 cm
FO-115002020 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 20X20 cm
FO-115002030 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 20X30 cm
FO-115002430 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 24X30 cm
FO-115003030 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 30X30 cm
FO-115004050 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 40X50 cm
FO-115005060 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 50X60 cm
FO-115005070 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 50X70 cm
FO-115006060 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 60X60 cm
FO-115006090 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 60X90 cm
FO-115008080 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 80X80 cm
FO-115009090 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 90X90 cm
FO-115080100 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 80X100 cm
FO-115090120 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 90X120 cm
FO-115100100 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 100X100 cm
FO-115100120 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 100X120 cm
FO-115120120 Stretched 3D canvas 380gms 120X120 cm
  • 100 % COTTON CANVAS – Made from long-staple cotton with natural texture, higher tinting strength, and excellent touching sense. The cotton surface of the painting canvas doesn’t shrink and is stable in every dimension. The cotton canvas holds paints well and keeps the paints with their natural tones and glossiness.
  • PINEWOOD STRETCHER BARS–Standard size for easy framing and hanging on the wall. Wood structures with mortise and tenon connection ensures the frames firm and sturdy. Canvases are stretched tightly onto the bars and back stapled to create clean edges. Without deformation, they are tough enough for impasto and acrylic pouring.
  • TRIPLE PRIMED GESSO –8 ounce gesso primed medium grain canvas keeps the painting surface ready to paint, collage, draw, sketch and illustrate with excellent tinting strength and does not crumble or crack. Suitable for all kinds of painting materials, e.g, oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pastels, and tempera. Works especially great for oil and acrylic color to keep your paintings bright and glossy.
  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKED –Every other canvas is vacuum packed. Lightweight and easy to store and carry. Applied to create festival/party ornaments, centerpieces, kids crafting, miniatures, theme paintings, table place cards, hobby projects, and other decorative paintings. Perfect for creating desktop inspiration, themed visual library, clip-style collage, tabletop easel, and shelf display.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Canvas Size: 10×20 Inch / 6 Pack. Cotton surface unprimed weight – 4 oz. & primed weight – 8 oz. Ideal for kids, students, adults, beginners as well as professionals with different painting levels. Safe with AP and CE verified certifications.
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Funbo Cotton 3D Stretched Canvas (20 x 20 cm)

Funbo Art Stretched 3D Canvas 380gms ( 20 x 20 cm)


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