Phoenix ( Gesso Primer 500ml)


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Material:                             Gesso Primer

Type:                                   Gesso Primer Medium 

Item Volume:                      500 Milliliter 

Brand:                                Phoenix



Improves the viscosity, gloss and transparency of acrylic paint.

Our shiny thickening gel is composed of an emulsion of acrylate resin and thickeners.

Whitish liquid that becomes transparent and colorless upon drying. It allows to give more rigorous brush strokes, it makes the acrylic paint more dense.

Very thick gel that lengthens drying time, increases shine and transparency. Mixed with acrylic paint, it gives it more body. With the help of a brush or spatula, the consistency similar to oil paint is obtained. An excellent complement to collage.

Waterproof, does not yellow.

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Phoenix ( Gesso Primer 500ml)


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