Poster Colour 500ml Prussian Blue Talens Art Creation


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Color:                                  Prussian Blue

Material:                             Poster Colors

Item Volume:                      500 Milliliter 

Brand:                                Royal Talens 

About this item

    • Intensely-Coloured gouache available in 18 colours including the 3 basic mixing colours Lemon yellow (205), Tyrian rose magenta (359) and Light blue cyan (501)
      Intense colours so economical in use
      Water-thinnable, so brushes can easily be cleaned with water afterwards
  • Poster colours are created for young artists in the making. They are ideal for a smooth matte finish and a completely opaque mass tone. Made from the finest pigments, they give high covering capacity with a brush or a spray gun. They flow easily, dry quickly and evenly and are easy to mix.
  • Its rich saturated colors dry to a flat matt finish and have gouache-like properties of excellent opacity.
Ecola Poster Colour 500ml

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Poster Colour 500ml Prussian Blue Talens Art Creation


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